[PODCAST] Bacon, Bibles, and Barbells Episode 97

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BBB: How did you get into Powerlifting? What got you into strength sports? Where did your lifting journey start?
Ethan: I got into powerlifting in my final year of college. I had spent the previous year focusing on losing weight and been lifting weights for a year following basic linear progression and bodybuilding.com workouts. I was getting tired of not lifting for strength and wanted something to fill my competitive itch. A friend and fellow personal trainer suggested I check out Port City Sports Performance where he was interning. I went there and met with one of the owners who is a powerlifter, got started training there and was hooked!

Talk about experience in powerlifting.
I have been training for powerlifting since March 2015 and competing since November 2015. I have loved every minute of it. I think it is a great sport as it lets me do what I love most interact and help people and move heavy objects. 

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